We realize sofas and armchairs till 1980 with capitonnè decoration.
We are used to work with the antique method learned from the most important upholsterer teachers.

During the year we have developed many handcrafted sofa, chairs neoclassic taste without any kind of industrial instruments.

For this reason our furniture are unique, with an high personalization .
The continuos research of an italian taste applied to the neoclassic style make our model very appreciate

The products we present are completely made by ourselves with fabrics, leather and solid wood structures 100% made in Italy.
To be more precise, made in Tuscany. The heart of the historical Medicea culture.

Our mission is to jump agent, and companies who resell our product
In this way we can avoid the additional cost for agent, buyer, importer/exporter, offering directly to you an high quality product with a very competitive price.

Tappezzeria CGA di Chiti Gianni Antonio Via Tiziano, 16 - 51039 Quarrata (PT)
Tel./Fax +39 0573 775062 Cell. +39 347 3902469 email:info@cgasofa.it - P. IVA 01800920470
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